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Air -Conditioner -Repair--in-Bonsall-California-air-conditioner-repair-bonsall-california.jpg-image The first thing that Affordable Appliance Repair San Diego would like you to do if your air conditioner is not turning on, is to check whether the condenser is working. Ensure that the unit is plugged in, set the thermostat to cool and lower it 10 degrees. Observe and see if it fixes your problem. If this does not work, check for a blown or tripped circuit breaker and/or a frozen coil. If your air conditioner still does not function then this could be an issue with your motor or compressor, therefore, a Bonsall California professional is needed to perform your air conditioner repair. Affordable Appliance Repair San Diego would be happy to help! Call us for a free quote today.

Keep in mind that each air conditioning unit is designed for a specific room size to maintain coolness and keep the indoor temperature between 20-25 degrees cooler than the outside. So if your air conditioner is working and set properly yet you still cannot feel it cooling the room or it is not as cold as you want it to be, your appliance may not be the appropriate size for it. If it is a normal Bonsall California summer day and your air conditioner is still not doing it's job and you see ice crystallization on the outdoor unit, your problem could be with a frozen evaporator coil . Make sure to shut the unit off immediately and call Affordable Appliance Repair San Diego for your air conditioner repair.

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