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Clothes -Dryer -Repair--in-Lakeside-California-clothes-dryer-repair-lakeside-california.jpg-image The thermal fuse is a built-in safety feature that prevents your clothes dryer from overheating. You can find the thermal fuse at its heating source (heating element for electric dryers, burner for gas dryer models). It also can be located on the blower housing. The fuse should have a continuous electrical path through it when it is in good working order. But if the fuse is overheated, the electrical path is interrupted and the fuse has burst. Affordable Appliance Repair San Diego suggests that you use a multimeter to search for continuity. A blown thermal fuse means that the dryer-to-outside exhaust vent is clogged. Often inspect the dryer venting while replacing a blown thermal fuse. If you need more assistance with your clothes dryer repair, we have efficient, certified Lakeside California appliance repair professionals ready to complete the job for you. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Why should you hire us to fix your dryer? Affordable Appliance Repair San Diego are your local, certified, and vetted Lakeside California technicians that have the necessary skills to assist you with dryer vent cleaning, clothes dryer repair, or installing a brand new clothes dryer. We are the perfect option for your Lakeside California gas and electric clothes dryer repair and maintenance. You can rely on Affordable Appliance Repair San Diego for the best dryer service technicians in the market, if your dryer emits a burning odor, won't heat up, or the door simply opens the wrong way no job is too big or small for us.

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